Creating custom plans, subscriptions, memberships, and packages

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  1. From the provider portal select Create Plan
  2. On the Create or Amend Services page, you should create a list of services you will offer in your plans. 
    • There are some default services listed as a guide, these can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon but cannot be deleted. You do not have to use these services in your plans, they are there to give you a head start. 
    • Click the Add New Services button if your items are not already listed. Enter the information as you have it in your office management software:
      • Item ID is the invoice item ID that you would use in your office. This can be specific to a CPT code or a billing ID number. 
      • Item Name is the service name, ex: Consultation, IPL Service, Swedish Massage etc. that you use in your office.
      • Usage Groups are optional and may or may not be an important feature for you: Items within a group are interchangeable.  Applying usage to one item diminishes the usage of all items in that group.  Service item groups are a method by which providers can offer a small variety of services that are similar but different enough to cater to varying consumer needs.
      • Price is what you charge for this service in your office, prior to any discounting.
    • Make sure to click the blue check to save each change.  
  3. Once all services have been added, click on Create Plan. Then,
    • add an image for the desired plan, if no image is added a default image will appear, this image is related to the category that was previously selected when you created your provider account. 
    • Enter your plan name, description, and note. All these will show to your consumer.
    • Choose a location for the plan to be purchased and plan length.
    •  Please note that plan lengths are 3,6,12,18, and 24 months. 
    • Now select the services you want to offer in your plan by listing the quantity of the service in the plan period. 
      • If you select Unlimited, an allowance of one per month is assumed to calculate the plan price, but the actual usage may be higher or lower. 
      • Frequency limits how often the consumer can come to you for that service within the plan period. 
      • *Base vs Add On:  The base services are part of the plan; add-ons are additional services that may be purchased by the consumer to further customize his/her plan. Add-ons are charged at the price you listed and split-billed at a non-discounted price. 
    • PlanSplit calculates the total a-la-carte price over the plan period, the price per month. Now you should enter the price you would like to charge monthly for this plan and PlanSplit will display the discount percentage and plan price over the plan period. 
    • Finally, you can opt in or out of offering a 5% discount on full payment.  Meaning paying for the full term of the plan in the first payment versus monthly.  We highly recommend offering this additional discount. It’s worth getting all your funds in advance of providing the services.
  4. Click on save & preview. 
    1. Review what your plan includes, the pricing, optional 5% discount if paid in full, Enabling the plan will make it go live at
    2. If you select Optional E-marketplace, the plan will be searchable at If you toggle this off, the plan will only show on your private Provider page. Your consumers can find your private provider page with your provider code. 
    3. Enable to go live. Click Finish.

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